Equity or Equality

                EQUITY Or EQUALITY

We all have been living under the basis of equality, which means the state of being equal in status, rights or opportunities. In social equality, each and every person is considered equal, there is no discrimination between men, women, caste, religion,colour, language, etc.

Equality is a very good concept but not the brightest one. There are some limitations in this concept. If equality is to be followed, it should be followed in education as well. Giving some advantages to backward class or minorities does not mean equality.

Giving equal educational opportunities and closing the quota system is necessary to maintain equality. Education should be merit based.

The opportunities should be given to those who deserve it, who have worked hard, not to those who are shiftless. Equality sometimes leads to irrationality and unfair outcomes.

What we actually need is equity. Equity is something which gives everyone a common starting position to start. There is no chance of any unfair decisions in the concept of equity. Equity is quality of being impartial and unfair.

Equity is a process where equality is the outcome, we cannot mix these two words.

For example, in boxing there are different categories like, heavyweight, bantamweight, lightweight, etc. Boxers under heavyweight category can fight only heavyweight boxers,if a lightweight boxer wants to fight a heavyweight boxer he needs to increase his weight and enter in the heavyweight category. If a lightweight boxer fights a heavyweight boxer, the heavyweight boxer will have a slight edge and this will be unfair.

So according to the law of equity, a lightweight boxer can fight a boxer of the same weight and if he wants to fight with a heavyweight boxer he will need to increase his weight.

Talking about gender equality, it is very important. But what needs to be followed is gender equity.

Gender equality means equal access to goods and services for both men and women, whereas gender equity means a reality where fair distribution of overall opportunities and resources are available to men and women without any discrimination. 

Social equity needs to be followed in our society instead of social equality.

The difference in equality and equity can be explained in the above picture.

But unfortunately the reality can be seen in the picture above.

More preference should be given to equity instead of equality in this society.



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