Respect, one thing which a man can really earn and is more important than money.

Respect is nothing but appreciating the work of others, giving regard to someone’s opinion and equal behaviour towards everyone.

A person can earn respect, if he can show some gratitude towards others, if he helps other people without any motive of profit.

Respect is for those who deserve it, not for those who demand for it.

Self respect is a very important aspect of life, but that self respect should not cause attitude problem, showing egoistic behaviour or stopping you from being flexible in nature.

Respecting is nothing but showing that each and everyone of us are equal, there is no discrimination, no racism, nothing.

A person may be filthy rich, he may be very famous and may be very talented but this won’t mean that he is a very respected man.

Respect can never be purchased, it is always earned.

Judging people on what kind of a job he does, creating a mindset for a person if he does something wrong or by his selection of business, discriminating, etc, are scornful behaviour.

No matter what a person does, we have no right to shout at them and disrespect them. We can point out their mistakes, we can correct them. There is no point of being harsh or rude to someone.

Earning respect is a tough nut to break and even if we break that nut, maintaining it is difficult.

It takes a lot of years to earn respect but if a person does one mistake, it can ruin that years of hardwork for earning respect.

A person can be addressed as a respectful man if he imbibes the qualities like gratitude, humility, caring, being grounded, not being judgemental.

Dropping selfishness, being fair with everyone, not breaking trusts and promises, creating an environment where people can look at each other without any jealousy or feeling of anger is what the world needs.

Everyday, try to be a better person than yesterday, try to learn from your mistakes, care not only for your family but also for the environment, these are the things which everybody should follow to become a better person.

We need to become a human first in this world of competition, corruption, egoistic behaviour, selfishness and chaos.

This world needs us to be together, we are facing various problems like terrorism, corruption, global warming. It’s high time that everyone breaks the social discriminatory barriers and come together joining hands and forgetting the boundaries and respecting each other and solving these problems together.

I would like to conclude by saying, we must respect other people’s feelings even if it does not mean anything to us, it could mean everything to them.

Thank you


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