Shades of Life



“Life” what strikes to your mind when you read the word life?

Happiness,craziness,fun,loneliness,sadness and many more adjectives.When I read LIFE,I firstly think about parents, because life without them is like railway without tracks.

Talking about life, there are many shades and colours of life , sometimes white ,sometimes red, sometimes blue and sometimes grey. What we need to take care is that, we shouldn’t loose our mind in any shade , suppose we are super rich and we have all the luxuries , we should not leave the ground and start flying towards the moon and keep on flaunting things. What really matters is staying on the ground no matter how strong , rich, talented you are.

We face happiness,sadness,daily in our lives,it’s just like a normal routine in our life time table. During happiness we thank god for everything he has given ,which few people do but during sad times we do the opposite , instead of analysing the mistakes what we have done , we blame others responsible for our mistakes and just crib. Instead of cribbing we must learn from our mistakes and keep on improving.

We get life only once,we should live it to the fullest,but nowadays people are not living their life ,they are just frittering their lives away. Everyone is out,working hard,sweating blood just to earn money and wanting a better standard of living. But will money buy you happiness? A lot of discussion can be done on this topic. But I’m not here to talk about money.

For some people living life is different and why wouldn’t it be? Every person is a separate and a

different individual,they have their own choices,own preferences. For living life,we need to find our passion,some motivation which will keep us going.

During sad times, just think about the things which puts a smile on our face. One thing we should fix in our mind during sad times and that is,if we are sad about some project or any other work  we should never give up because giving up is like just surrendering to life which is the job of losers. We ain’t losers , right? If we surrender in sad and bad times how will we survive,we might even miss a good opportunity due to the negative thinking . Opportunity knocks the door once and only once .

Fear is another dark shade of life which we need to get rid off. There is nothing in life which we should be scared off. Even losing the near and dear ones should not be a fear because that is the love which we think as fear , we will never loose our close ones as they will always reside in our heart.

There are some colours which seems to be dark but we can take positivity from them. For example comparisons and then jealousy , when someone compares us with someone there is a normal human tendency to be jealous , not with everyone though, instead of taking it as jealousy we should see that why is he/she better than me in so or so job , I can be better than them ,I’ll be the best. We should take these comparisons as motivation.

Life is awesome , it’s just,we need to change our thinking according to situations that’s it. If we feel guilty just accept it and say sorry,sorry won’t make you small infront of anyone. We must learn to accept things. And we need to live life according to us not anyone else,so do what you like,do what you feel like but without crossing certain limits. Just respect others,have self respect and be flexible in every situation. Love your life,enjoy all the shades of life whether bad or good because it’s our life, we won’t get these days back.

Live life king size.

                                                      THANK YOU 


5 thoughts on “Shades of Life”

  1. Hello you are amazing. I always loved writing; but to have the courage to put forward your thoughts at so young an age is inspiring. You are so right life is more than the things you have. Beyond necessities; people get caught up in other people’s extravagance. Sitting home with a huge screen tv has never been more important to me than walking around the Bronx Zoo or Botanical Gardens. Stay brilliant…look forward to reading more.

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