Humour in India


What is comedy? The humorous and amusing aspects of something which induces laughter.

In India comedy is being difficult. Cracking jokes may lead to racism. Before telling a joke we need to think twice. Instead of thinking will this joke be funny? Will people like it? We think, this shouldn’t hurt someone’s sentiment, am I being a racist, will people accept it?

Well to be honestly before cracking a joke thinking about these things is actually very necessary now. People take it way seriously in this world now.

The problem is, telling a joke in a group is funny whether the joke is a bit racist or not, but telling the same joke on a bigger platform is racism, the point is, if people can accept it in a smaller group then why not on a bigger platform.

Jokes are made to be funny, the most important thing of comedy is that it should make people laugh. But the comedy shouldn’t cross certain boundaries.

If the joke is going too far and is hurting someone’s feeling then  we must stop.

A comedian is a person who even jokes about himself. All the comedians have made fun of themselves sometime in their lives.

There are many jokes on being fat, being short, jokes on facial colour, occupation and what not. The thing is why are we taking it so seriously, they are just jokes meant to bring a smile on our faces.

Cracking jokes on others and cracking jokes on ourselves makes a huge difference. Accepting jokes tells a lot about a person.

We get only one life friends, we need to live our lives to the fullest, there is no profit in complicating things. If you like the joke then laugh, if you don’t like the joke then ignore, no need of making it an issue, it’s a very small thing.

Many comedians make fun of celebrities, some take it sportingly and some not. If they don’t have a problem then why do we have problem.

If you know the person will get offended by your joke then the simple solution is just take his/her permission.

But seeing the current situation, I think there should be a rulebook of jokes, what kind of jokes can a person tell infront of a group,what kind of jokes won’t hurt the sentiments of people, etc,etc.

“SARCASM”(just being clear if you are Dr Sheldon Cooper)

Everyone has their own point of views, and they are free to share it. But it is not a big deal. We have major issues infront of us like terrorism, corruption, poverty, unemployment and here we are discussing about, “why did he crack this joke, this joke is so racist, sexist, bekaar wahiyaat”

We need to grow up guys, they are just jokes. There have been many incidents in the field of comedy but the most famous incident was of AIB roasting Ranvir singh and Arjun Kapoor. The video was removed from youtube, many people were against that roast, but the thing is, if you dont like it then why are you watching it, don’t watch it. The only people who should have complained were Ranvir Singh and Arjun Kapoor, they took all the jokes in a positive manner. If they had no problem, then why are we banging our heads.

The most important thing is that we are a democratic country, we have the freedom of speech but if the jokes are going against the country, religion or any other emotional sentiment, then it is wrong and should be stopped.

Live life, enjoy your life, and keep on smiling and laughing coz laughter is the best medicine.




6 thoughts on “Humour in India”

  1. Very interesting post. The comedian treads a fine line between entertainment and outright abuse, but that is what makes the jokes funny. It also challenges the audience’s perception in a non-prophetic way and probably educates us a bit too.

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