Expectations And Life

Expectations, when you read this word what first strikes to your mind ? Earning money? Being famous? Love? Etc, etc.

Expectation is nothing but having a strong beilief that something will happen.

If you expect being sad, you’ll end up being sad only. If you have to expect something then expect a happy life. Whatever the situation is, you and your well wishers must stay positive and happy.

For earning a better life, we just need to press the delete button of expectations. Simple reason about why should we have no expectations is that when we expect something from someone, like, expecting respect from close ones or getting good marks in the examination, but when things don’t happen according to our expectations, our heart breaks and we feel bad.

Well, this sad and heart broken feeling can be used in a good way. Collect all these sad feelings and we must convert it into our passion or as our aim for happiness, we must give it a direction.

Life is like fire, oxygen is the positiveness and carbon dioxide is the negativity created by expectation.

You must firstly understand that, there is a difference between expectations and dreams.

Dream is a broader term compared to expectation.

You should dream, you must set an aim but, expecting that you will complete the mission, may lead to over-confidence and later failure.

Work towards your dream, fulfill and live your dream, hardwork is the key, don’t stop till you get enough. Just don’t expect anything from others. It sounds difficult but that’s the way we should live.

A lot of view, counter-view can be done on this topic, but I strongly believe we must set aims and not expect the results.

The first step should be not expecting anything from others, it creates a lot of mess, it surely does.

Do anything except expecting and accept the results and the outcome. If you don’t like it then work towards it and try to complete it.

Life is short, live each and every moment of it fully. There will be ups and downs in life, you will get hurt, you may even hurt someone else, you will fall, what you need to do is rise above all of it. Ups and downs, sadness and happiness, everything is a part of life, it is not the end.

Just keep on moving, there will be something good for you which god has saved for you, maybe he will reward you for facing all the difficulties in life, but don’t expect though 🙂

You must believe in yourself and live for yourself, your family and your friends and not for the society. What is the society and who is the society? They are always there to bring you down when you do something inappropriate according to them. But when you do something good, where is the society? You don’t see them. Maybe you’ll find some, because they want to get some benefits from you. In bad times when you will need someone, will this society be with you?

Don’t follow the road because everyone is following it, create your own road and people will follow you.

Start living your life, don’t expect, just kill your ego, arrogance, adamancy, over-confidence, insecurities and jealousy. 

If the destination is on your path, don’t change it,

Whatever is in your mind, don’t break those dreams,

On every step of your life there will be difficulties,

But for touching the stars don’t leave the ground.

Thank you for reading my blog patiently, take two minutes of your life and just ask yourself, are you LIVING your life, are you HAPPY with it?


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30 thoughts on “Expectations And Life”

  1. Bhaii, You have penned down the Ultimate realities of Life in a lucid manner, beautifully carved!!☺👍

    Also I liked your book redirecting segment👍☺Just would like to ask you something regarding this, Have you joined the affiliate programme offered by Amazon?

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