Result Day

 The result of all the 12th standard students were announced in India this month. 

Some students were very delighted , eating sweets and celebrating with their glowing faces but on the other hand there were some students who were sad and disheartened with their percentage.

Result in the 12th board is very important as the percent gained in class 12th helps us to choose the corect college and the stream we want to select. 

The selection depends upon the percentage we attain and some unfair quotas. The admission in colleges should be merit based and not quota based. It is totally unfair when a student without any benefit of quota attains 80% and wants admission in a college where the cutoff is 78% but does not get admitted to the college because of the reserved seats alloted plus the less cutoff for those students who fall under the quota system.

Students who fall under the quota system should be given financial assistance rather than increasing their percent. The students then take undue advantage of this benefit and do not study honestly.

Admission should only be based on merit. Our society is filled with stereotype people, if a student attains good percentage then it means that the student is efficient in each and every job and can do any possible thing excellently but the student is not intelligent nor can he do any given job properly if he attains less percent. We need to change this mindset. If a child gets low percentage this does not mean that he is of no use, he must be good in some different field, which should be discovered and developed by their elders.

Attaining good grades is nice but judging the person by the score is unacceptable. There is more to life then just scoring good marks.

Due to this high competition level and the sick mindset of people , students with low grades feel inferiority complex and start underestimating themselves. 

Whatever percent a child gets , he/she must be respected equally and without any discrimination. It is not the end of the world if you don’t score a respected percentage. It is not the final score of your life.

Our motive as students should only be to attain knowledge and nothing else. Because of such high competition level, we are always stressed and always under pressure. Healthy competition is good but it should not be taken so seriously that we forget our real motive which is to imbibe more and more knowledge instead of creating the qualities like anger, jelousy and bitterness.

In the end I would like to say , attaining good percentage is important but earning knowledge is the priority.

When we get less percentage, there is no point in giving excuses , it is what it is , we deserve this and we must accept it graciously. And if we feel bad about it then we must store that emotion and use it in our next exam and prove our selves that we can score good marks.

And parents , don’t worry about your child’s future, just support him/her in achieving their goals and living up to their dreams and always be there for your child during the low times, god has something special for you and your child.

Thank you for reading my blog. I would like to congratulate the students who performed well in their exams and those who did not perform up to their mark , it is not the end , life will give you more opportunities and then you need to strike the iron when it is hot.

27 thoughts on “Result Day”

  1. Yes, this is unfortunate in your educational system there. When I was a young girl, my best friend was brought here to America from India because her parents did not want her to have to suffer this sort of unfairness. He wanted her to have a fair shot at a real education. She did real well in primary school, then went on to an Ivy League college and now she’s a molecular biologist in a prestigious research lab here.
    It makes me sad that not everyone will have the same opportunity as her.
    I wish you well in your educational endeavors. And to me, and most likely to many people, where ever you lie on that percentage spectrum doesn’t matter. If it is within the higher echelons, congrats, but no one here is judging you negatively, just so you know. :o)

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    1. This is true but I hope slowly and steadily things will change and improve for the best, it’s time that we learn from our mistakes and never repeat them again, thanks for stopping by, I’m really happy for your friend , she got an opportunity and grabbed it and now she is a molecular biologist.

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  2. Very true, there r opportunities in all streams besides academic results. Even at my retail store, I hv boys with hardly SSC but performing well over graduates because being street smart is more important than academics to be successful in life.
    Even v r trying to figure out n share n promote opportunities besides

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